Affiliate Partner Q&A

Why should I join the Klook Affiliate Program?

With a portfolio of over 2,000 travel attraction and activity products across Asia, Klook’s Affiliate Program is the leading program of its kind in Asia. Our products have the most competitive rates on the market, ensuring the highest conversions. In addition, our best-in-class technology, advanced tools and dedicated multilingual support certify the best possible customer experience, maintaining our credibility as the number one travel activities booking platform in Asia. By joining our program, you will have access to the dedicated support of our affiliate team, allowing you to monetize your traffic as efficiently as possible.

How do I sign up? Does it cost anything to join the Klook Affiliate Program?

You can sign up by simply clicking the Join Us button on our affiliate website. After submitting your information, our Affiliate Partner Manager will review your submission and contact you within 3 days.

Signing up to become a Klook Affiliate Partner is completely FREE! All you need to do is direct the customer to Klook via our advanced tools and we will take care of the rest of the fulfillment process. If you have any specific queries, kindly email us at

Can I become a Klook Affiliate Partner without a website? Or running multiple website?

Unfortunately, you must have a website and/or blog before signing up as a Klook Affiliate Partner. However, the good news is that there are many free websites and blog sites out there that can help you to build a simple website or blog in minutes. You may also run multiple websites and blogs under one Klook Affiliate account by simply adding new sites in your account options.

How can I integrate Klook into my website?

We aim to offer a number of different tools for integration, ranging from easily implementable to advanced solutions. Affiliate links can be quickly and easily deployed to connect your website with More advanced options such as power ads and search boxes are available as well.

Can I use Klook's content on my website?

We offer various tools and content to integrate your website with our Affiliate Program. This may include details and data on travel products. The use of any other content that is not directly provided by Klook will require the express permission of Klook.

Can I link to any page on What works the best?

Yes, you will be able to link to any page hosted on, including the website homepage, as well as any specific city and/or activity webpages. Typically, activity specific content which links to the specific Klook activity webpage yields higher conversion results.

How do I make money with the Klook Affiliate Program?

As a Klook Affiliate Partner, we will pay you commission on travel activities that have been booked and completed. There are 5 main categories of products and the commission is based on the rate specified for each product category applied to the selling price of each product. As such, you do not need to worry about special promotions affecting your affiliate revenue. The model has a tiered system and Affiliate Partners may receive additional bonuses equivalent to 6-15% of the affiliate revenue if certain targets have been achieved.

How is the commission and bonus calculated?

The commission is calculated based on applying the respective commission rate for each product category to the selling price of each product. For example, assume your affiliate traffic this month is 2 activities – Product A and Product B. Product A has a selling price of US$300 and a commission rate of 5% revenue share, while Product B has a selling price of US$200 and a commission rate of 3%. Then the total commission will be calculated as follows:

  • Commission from Product A: US$300 * 5% = US$15
  • Commission from Product B: US$200 * 3% = US$6

Total gross commission: US$15 + US$6 = US$21

Assuming you hit certain affiliate revenue targets that entitle you to a 15% bonus, then your total commission is: US$21 * (1+15%) = US$24.15

For more details, see this table

How and when do I get paid?

We support 5 different currencies – RMB, HKD, NTD, SGD, USD. During the registration process, you may select your preferred currency for settlement (this cannot be subsequently changed). You may also choose your preferred method of payment – Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal, Alipay. There is no minimum commission payout required for PayPal and Alipay. However, if you choose International Money (TT) Transfer under Direct Bank Transfer, a minimum commission payout of US$500 will be required. If you do not achieve the minimum commission payout, the balance will be carried forward until the minimum commission payout is reached. Alternatively, you may choose to settle the payment before the minimum commission payout is reached at a US$25 bank transaction fee cost which will be deducted before payment. You will be paid in the month following the customer’s completion of the booking. Commission payments are calculated within your account and payments will be made before 10th of each month.

How can I increase my commission income?

Websites with larger traffic typically convert more bookings. However, you may consider placing the affiliate links or power ads in conspicuous locations on your website to attract as many “eyeballs” as possible. We have also noticed that improving the design, relevant content and user interface of your website typically leads to better visitor experience and higher conversion rates.

How does the tracking system work?

You will be provided with an affiliate link which holds a unique Affiliate ID (AID) which allows us to track bookings. All bookings with the same Affiliate ID will be linked to the same Affiliate Partner. The AID utilizes cookies to track visitors directed to Klook for up to 30 days. If such visitors make a booking within 30 days, the Affiliate ID will be registered and the Affiliate Partner will able to enjoy the affiliate revenue share.

Who can join the Affiliate Program? Are there any restrictions?

We welcome anyone who is interested in offering their visitors the best options for travel activities – especially if you are a lifestyle and travel site, travel blogger and/or travel app developer.

Do I have to work exclusively with Klook?

No – You are free to combine our offerings with other providers. We are here to help you leverage your traffic so you can achieve the most from your website, whilst maintaining complete control. Should you require assistance, our support staff can advise you on how to tailor different affiliate offerings based on target country, city, type of activity, etc.

How do I use the new ad spaces?

Originally, bookings made via Klook Affiliate websites could only be tracked through a website ID (AID). However, in order to answer the needs of our affiliates, we’ve introduced a more multi-dimensional system and our newest version now supports advertising spaces, ready to integrate from 5 July 2016.

Klook Affiliates can custom-design their own Klook adverts to insert into their website. Specify the channel and page, select the advert design and parameters, then an advert code will be generated. This code will be able to track the source of each customer visiting the Klook website and every successful transaction. In addition, these new ad spaces will also track information about the impressions and click-through rates for each advert. With these new additions, our Affiliates will be able to obtain far more detailed information about their referrals.

How do I set the channel and page for my ad?

Each ad space can be added to a page of your website, and each page belongs to a channel. Your website channels and pages can be specified within your Klook Affiliate account. Larger websites often have more channels and pages. For example, a travel website may have a channel for ‘Hong Kong Travel’ and ‘Taiwan Travel’, and a page about Hong Kong Disneyland may be listed under the Hong Kong Travel channel. We’ve introduced the concept of channels and pages so you can easily group your ads into different categories, making it much easier to track your data. Smaller websites will just need to create one channel and one page in order to place an ad.